As an example of the type of individual available to assist you,
following is the background of one of our consultants:

Technical Profile

System Administration Experience

Unix System Support since 1980 Linux Support since 1997
Supported many flavors of Unix, Solaris (2.6 – 10), Linux (Red Hat, Fedora),
Supported OS/2, Windows (3.1x, 95,98,NT4,2000,XP), Tandem Guardian
Clustered Configurations (Veritas, Linux Advanced Server)
Supported 400 Solaris Servers – all hardware classes SAN storage (EMC, Clarion)
Built Production and DR systems using jumpstart and kickstart

Application Support Experience

4 years of trading floor support Solaris, Linux, Windows, Citrix, Veritas, Legato, Big Brother
Market Data Support (Solaris, Linux, Windows, and OS2)
DNS, NIS, NFS, Sendmail, Routing, and Firewall support
Wholesale Lockbox Application Support to Major Banks
Web Site Support – Apache, JBoss, Jive, Resin, WebSphere
Content Management Support – Clearcase, Versioning Software

Hardware Experience

Repairing and Building computers since 1980.
PC to Blades to Mainframes.
Apple, Sun (SparcStation to Enterprise), IBM (e-Series), Compaq, DG,, Motorola, NCR, Unisys

Programming and Scripting Experience

Modified Unix I/O kernel
Developed Device Drivers for Disk Devices
Application Design and  Development (C, C++, Java)
Developed Web Based System-monitoring tools using scripting languages (PERL and Shell).

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